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2nd International Congress on Food Technology

Corresponding Author

Title of the Abstract

Gary K. Beauchamp

Sensory strategies to lower sodium intake 

Thozama N Kwinana-Mandindi

Determination of some vitamin B-complex and ascorbic acid in wild vegetables in Amathole District of the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa 

Alvija Šalaševičienė

Effect of different time and vacuum combinations on physicochemical, microbiological, and textural features of sous-vide cooked pork loins

Silvia Cristina Ferreira Iop

Consumer perception of olive oil in the Santa Maria City - RS - Brazil

Ozge Taştan

Effect of chitosan on inhibition of enzymatic browning in cloudy apple juice and compare with selected antibrowning agents

Chougui Nadia

Comparative study between seeds of spine and spineless opuntia Ficus-Indica of Algeria

Samim Saner

Improving food safety practice in meat sector “An innovative E-learning” approach

Anita Van Landschoot

Technology to produce gluten-free barley malt beers

F. Başak Coşkun

Cheesecoat project

Paraskevi Mentzelou

Electronic food (E-Food) issues and trends

Naciye Kutlu

Evaluation of thin-layer drying models for describing microwave drying of zucchini

Andrés Córdova

Effect of temperature and cross-flow velocity on flux during the synthesis of galacto-oligosaccharides in an ultrafiltration membrane bioreactor

Anna-Maria Saarela

Examining consumers’ supermarket shopping behavior by using verbal analysis protocol and wireless audio-visual observation

Amila Vranac

Polyphenolic profiles of traditional and international apple and pear cultivars using high-performance liquid chromatography 

Marzena Jezewska-Zychowicz

Consumers’ willingness to eat cereal products fortified with fiber and its determinants

Z. Yeşim Özbas

Influences of initial ammonium chloride concentration on growth and citric acid production kinetics of two Yarrowia lipolytica strains

Erkan Yalçın

Effect of granary weevil (Sitophilus granarius l.) on protein profiles of hard and soft wheat cultivars during storage

Faridah Yahya

The effect of washing treatment using kaffir lime peel, roselle calyx and asam gelugor powder on the physicochemical properties and sensory acceptability of catfish fillet

Chek Zaini Hassan

Study of plant coagulant Streblus asper (Kesinai) on milk as potential for making cheese

Farnaz Sadat Siadati Fini

Assessment of Echium amoenum as nutritional food additive and some of its application in the food industry

M. Dilek Avsaroğlu

Plasmid content of E. coli and Salmonella isolated from foods in Kirsehir

Simel Bağder Elmacı

The inhibitory effect of chitosan against microorganisms involved in the different stages of wine production

Mario Shibata

Relationship between viscoelastic properties of high-amylose rice gel and mechanical mixing conditions

Jan Brindza

Influence of activated water on the physical characteristics and antioxidant activity of extracts from fruits of American pokeweed (Phytolacca americana L.)

Valerii Brovarskiy

Effect of temperature on drying bee pollen and their antioxidant activity

Zaiton Hassan

Antimicrobial activity of goat milk casein fermented with selected lactic acid bacteria against selected pathogens

Maliheh Rahati Noveir

Comparison of quantitative diagnostic kit and gas chromatography technique for determination of methanol at trace levels in herbaceous distillates

Ayhan Dagdelen

Phenolics changes in olive and olive oil during ripening 

Gamal ElMasry

Retrieval of meat spectral signature based on major chemical composition

Burcu Öztürk

Quality characteristics of meat emulsions manufactured with W/O/W multiple emulsions as fat replacers

Shahzad Hussain

Wheat and chickpea starch blends; effect on pasting, thermal and textural properties

Yesim Soyer

Phenotypic and genotypic characterization of Salmonella isolates from farm/ field to fork in Turkey

Arun Bhunia

High throughput screening of pathogens and toxin using novel biosensor technologies

Tapani Alatossava

Nitrogen gas flushing technology to minimize growth of psychrotrophs in raw and pasteurized milks during cold storage

Eugenia Bezirtzoglou

The newborn intestinal microbiota overtime and space

Mohamed Karmali

Overview of shiga-toxin producing E. coli infection including new developments and implications for food safety

Herbert J. Buckenhueskes

Food technology of the future – An integrated science from farm to fork

Purnendu Vasavada

Rapid methods and automation in food microbiology: Three decades of developments

Efstathios Alichanidis

Traditional cheeses ripened and stored in brine

Ismet Ozturk

Effect of exopolysaccharides-producing commercial lactic acid bacteria culture on texture and sensory properties of kaymak

Berna Magnuson

Update on monosodium glutamate (MSG): Menace? Salubrious? Or just good taste?

Zeynep Ustunol

Zinc and iron fortification of dairy foods: Impact on quality and sensory attributes

PIngfan Rao

Food as a micronanosytem and its interaction with the body

Rabeb Miled

Impact of pooling of samples on Cronobacter's detection

Fernando Perez-Rodriguez

Development of a web-based tool for assessing and managing microbial risk in foods

Sibel Silici

Effects of local Turkish honey on serum Insulin, glucose, HBA1C and C-peptide levels of healthy volunteers

Ismahen Essaidi

Chemical composition, antioxidant activity of tow halophytic plant extracts: Effect of on soybean oil stability

İsmail H. Boyacı

Raman spectroscopy in food analysis

Carlos Jadán Piedra

Effects of dietary components on mercury bioaccessibility from seafood products

Semra Pektaş

Lycopene extraction from tomato and tomato wastes

Yesim Ozogul

Effects of natural antioxidants on sensory, chemical and microbiological qualities of fish ball (Scomber scomber) during frozen storage (-18 C)

Zehra Ayhan

Mechanical, barrier, antimicrobial and thermal properties of active nanocomposites as food packaging materials

Elena Bartkiene

The influence of lactic acid fermentation on biogenic amines and volatile compounds formation in flaxseed and the effect of flaxseed sourdough on the quality of wheat bread

Abbas Najafpourkhadem

Safety evaluation of flavourings in food industries- A review

Luis Rodriguez-Saona

Portable FT-IR spectrometers - becoming a reality for the food industry

Balarabe Ismail

Consumer concerns, perceptions and awareness of the use of additives in processed foods

Mükerrem Kaya

The effects of different processing conditions on biogenic amine formation and some qualitative properties in pastırma

Deniz Yurtsever Sarıca

On-Line determination of Arsenic species by HPLC-ICP-MS - occurrence of arsenicals in rice, apple and seafood from Ankara, Turkey markets

Khuram Aslam

Extending the shelf life of minimally processed melon using biodegradable coatings

Berna Magnuson

Safety of low- and no calorie sweeteners

Artemis Karaali

Use of  LNC sweeteners  in  the Turkish food industry 

Panagiotis Skandamis

Active and intelligent packaging of foods

Erdem Yeşilada

Effect of honey supplementation on total antioxidant capacity of herbal teas

Mitchell Cheeseman

Regulation and approval of LNC sweeteners

Roselina Karim

Functional and physicochemical properties, and sensory acceptability of functional wheat noodles added with pomegranate (Punicagranatum L.) peel extracts

Hasanah Mohd Ghazali

Determination of Trans- and CIS-urocanic acid in fish products

Mery Tambaria Damanik Ambarita

Does biogenic amines of terasi affects the hedonic acceptance of its Sambal terasi and its flavor characteristics

M. Monica Giusti

Anthocyanin pigments activity and metabolism in the oral cavity

Balunkeswar Nayak

Food allergenic residues in composts and their potential contamination in low-growing leafy greens and root crops

Dilek Heperkan

Hydrolysis of hazelnut fat by moulds using solid state fermentation

Kubra S. Ozkan

Trans fatty acids history of Turkey

Mariam Khomasuridze

Effect of fermentation yeasts on wine parameters, resveratrol, miricetin and quercetin content

Zehra Nur Yüksekdağ

Some probiotic characteristics of Lactobacillus species isolated from faces of breast-fed newborn babies

Filiz Yangılar

Food-based hazards: Dioxins

Pınar Oğuzhan

The application of chitosan in food industry

V. Hazal Özyurt

Phenylalanine ammonium lyase (PAL) for phenylketonuria (PKU)

Mohd. Abul Kalam Azad

Fermented milk processing and business opportunitoes in Bangladesh

Emine Nakilcioğlu

Potential benefits of phytic acid in human health

Evrim Özkaynak Kanmaz

The effect of heat treatment on the level of α-linolenic acid in flaxseed

Evrim Özkaynak Kanmaz

The formation of trans fatty acids in flaxseed during heat treatment

Evrim Özkaynak Kanmaz

HPLC-MS/MS analysis of SDG lignan

Evrim Özkaynak Kanmaz

How it is possible to extend shelf life of seed sprouts

Selin Kalkan

Determination of antimicrobial activity and characterization of methyl cellulose films incorporated thyme oil

Gizem Özlük Çilak

Antimicrobial effect of the surface components of black peppercorn

Gizem Özlük Çilak

The effect of ozone on microbial load of black pepper corn

Samim Saner

Smart and sustainable food packaging utilizing flexible printed intelligence and materials technologies – Susfoflex project

Tareq Osaili

Survival and growth of Salmonella typhimurium, Escherichia coli O157:H7 and Staphylococcus aureus in eggplant dip during storage

Sahar Karimihachehsoo

Effect of mastitis on raw milk composition and dairy products quality

Gizem Özlük Çilak

The usage of whey powder instead of lactose in culture media

Meral Kılıç Akyılmaz

Quality changes in white cheese manufactured from ultrafiltered milk

Özge Şakıyan Demirkol

Effect of dielectric properties of banana on microwave drying characteristics

Ayça Aylangan

Quality of mandarins (Citrus reticulata blanco) influenced by gamma irradiation

Ezgi Demir Özer

Benzoic acid as a natural compound in milk and milk products

Tuba Sakin

Enterocins and their application in food industry

Merih Kıvanç

Antimicrobial activity and properties of Enterococcus faecium strains isolated from pasteurized milk

Sühendan Mol

Effect of irradiation on the microbial quality sous-vide mackerel at 2±1C

Radia Draiaia

Algerian honey: Determination of some physicochemical parameters and research of antibiotics residues

Nelly Datukishvili

Simultaneous identification of wheat, corn and soy ingredients in foods

Asya Çetinkaya

Using different packaging methods in Kashar cheese production

Hilal Halkman

Screening of the irradiated spices by using DEFT/APC method

Esin Orhan

Effect of glucose on growth rate for the cultivation of some microorganisms

Pınar Şanlıbaba

Characteristics of bacteriocins and its history

Seda Karasu Yalçın

Strain improvement by mutagenesis for enhancing citric acid production of Yarrowia lipolytica

Sultan Acun

The antioxidant properties of oat-based breakfast cereals

Berna Kılınç

Determination of the nutrient contents and microbiological changes of fresh and dried sea urchins’ gonads during refrigerated storage

Banu Özden Tuncer

Isolation of Enterococcus faecium strains from sucuk and detection of their some virulence factors

Yasin Tuncer

Antibiotic susceptibility of Enterococcus strains isolated from Turkish dry fermented sausage (sucuk)

Fatma Öztürk

Determination of the survival levels of acid-adapted Escherichia coli O157:H7 in fermented Turkish-type sausages

Farnaz Sadat Siadati Fini

Iranian cuisine: Concentrated wheat malt extract (Samanoo)

Süleyman Gökmen

Effects of different cooking methods and water sources on cooking quality of Turkish ravioli (manti)

Turgut Cabaroğlu

Fatty acid composition of olives grown in Adana / Mediterranean Region in Turkey

Pınar Şanlıbaba

A raising interest: Gut microbiota-probiotic relationship

Pınar Şanlıbaba

Whole cell protein analysis by SDS-PAGE for identification of lactic acid bacteria

Monika Piwińska

Hydration and physical properties of vacuum-dried wheat semolina pasta with high-fiber oat powder

S. Seçil Erdoğan

The apple pomace source of phytochemicals

Dilek Arslan

Evaluation of antimicrobial substances production from Bacillus strains isolated from soil

Chek Zaini Hassan

Production of acetic acid from Bilimbi (Averrhoa bilimbi) using culture medium

Chek Zaini Hassan

The physicochemical and mechanical properties and composite biopolymer film from nutmeg (Myristica fragrans) pectine juice

Özge Şakıyan Demirkol

Optimization of formulation and baking conditions of microwave baked cakes

İlkin Yücel Şengün

Elimination of Escherichia coli on lettuce by using ozonated water

Mustafa Evren

Bioplastic production from microorganism

Mustafa Evren

Natural antimicrobials and effects

Mustafa Evren

The effects of industrial chemical contaminants at food and human health

Mustafa Evren

Enrichment of functional food: Bacteria additives and by-products of bacteria

Mustafa Evren

Combined methods in food preservation: Hurdle technology

Mustafa Evren

Molecular methods used for the determination of pathogen microorganisms at meat and meat products

Mustafa Evren

Bacterial spoilage in ready-to-eat meat products

Mustafa Evren

The effect of probiotic microorganism on immune system

Ocheme Ocheme

Effectof xanthan gum on sensory and physical properties of wheat-plantain flour bread

Gülen Yıldız Turp

Effects of starter cultures on the formation of flavour compounds of fermented sausages

Roksaneh Roohani

Extractionmethods of natural pigments from stamen of saffron flower

Farnaz Sadat Siadati Fini

Factors affecting on quality of Iranian wheat malt

Roksaneh Roohani

Assessment of some functional properties of Carum carvi L as food additives

Mehmet Gülcü

Comparision of frozen and pickled storage methods for edible grapevine leaves

Celile Aylin Oluk

Evaluation of carotenoids, sugar contents of watermelon varieties

Tuğba Özdal

Investigating the antioxidant capacities of Viburnum opulus L. fruits cultivated in Kayseri, Turkey

Filiz Özçelik

Determination of heavy metal contents of apple and grape vinegars by using ICP-MS (inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometer)

Gökşen Gülgör

The antifungal activity of organic acids produced by lactic acid bacteria

Gökşen Gülgör

The risk of biofilm formation in the food industry and prevention methods

Sercan Elmas

Marine functional foods

Ercan Elmas

Probiotics and sea food

Nyousha Ghaderi

Comparison of ultrasound and heat effects on rheological, microbial and physicochemical properties of yogurt during storage

Niloofar Hashemi

Effect of inulin and skimmed milk powder levels on the viability of probiotic bacteria and chemical characteristics in probiotic fermented drinks

Cem Okan Özer

Coated chicken production for the consumption of celiac

Tuğba Cebeci

Determination of enterotoxigenicity of coagulase-positive Staphylococcus and coagulase-negative Staphylococcus isolated from raw and fermented meat

Afsaneh Safari

The influence of extraction conditions on ash content of gelatin obtained from cattle bone by acid process

İbrahim Çakır

Isolation and molecular identification of yeasts from brined herbs used for production of herby cheese and determination of their technological properties

Gamze K. Yılmaz

Developmentof a new pseudomonas agar medium containing benzalkonium chloride in cetrimide agar

Zahra Sobhkhiz Foumani

Antibacterial activity of ethanolic extracts of Syzygium aromaticum against some food pathogenic bacteria

Reyhan İrkin

Determination of total phenolic and flavonoid compounds in juices and peeling extracts of citrus fruits

Gülce Sarı

The impact of obesity on ER-PR positive, HER-2 negative breast cancer

Reyhan İrkin

Arsenic contamination problem and arsenic removal technologies in drinking waters

Olga Grygorieva

Antioxidant activity of fruit and leaves of date plum (Diospyros lotus L.)

Dezider Tóth

Biochemical characteristics of traditional pasta with the addition pumpkin flour and powder of herbs

Natalia Nikolaieva

Antioxidant activity of pollen extracts Corylus avellana L.

Nurcan Değirmencioğlu

Investigation of antioxidant capacities of natural Vaccinium spp. grown in Erdek and Kapidag regions

Afsaneh Safari

A review of possible methods to prevent acrylamide formation or reduce it in foods

Filiz Özçelik

Factors affecting cell viability on the production of lyophilized starter culture

Filiz Özçelik

Proteolytic system of lactic acid bacteria

Hilal Selamoğlu

Microbiological quality of Kars Gruyere cheese

Hande Selen Erge

Effect of thermosonication on colour of apple juice

Aydın Erge

Extraction of gelatin from three different chicken deboner residue

Erkan Karacabey

The effect of process traditional method on the chemical composition of cape goose berry jam

Erkan Karacabey

The effect of process under vacuum on the chemical composition of cape goose berry jam

Chek Zaini Hassan

Physicochemical properties and acceptability study of honey stick mixed with date paste, dried fruits, and nuts

Ayhan Dagdelen

Effect of aromatic plants and storage time on the chemical and sensorial properties of sunflower oil

Ayhan Dagdelen

Impact of location and microwave roasting on the physicochemical characteristics and fatty acid profiles of turpentine oils (Pistacia terebinthus and Pistacia palaestina)

Hakan Erinç

Microbiological properties and antimikrobiyal activity of kefirs sold in Tokat

Olatundun Kajihausa

Sensory characteristics of toffee fortified with Moringa oleifera” seed powder

Hasan Murat Velioğlu

Optimization of α-amylase production of aspergillus foetidus from bug-damaged wheat using artificial neural networks

Kadir Gürbüz Güner

Influence of salt reduction on dough processing and  final quality of bread

Ümit Geçgel

Fatty acid composition and nutritional value of wheat germ oil

Serap Duraklı Velioğlu

Determination of metal contamination of white cheeses obtained from Thrace Region

Serhat Al

Presence and antimicrobial resistance profiles of Salmonella spp. in retailed sausages in Kayseri, Turkey

Burcu Öztürk

Characteristics of multiple (W/O/W) emulsions manufactured with caseinate or egg white powder

Ömer Şimşek

Innovative nisin production systems

Burcu Duman

Reduction of phytic acid content of oat bran with different methods

Burcu Duman

Effect of wheat bran of reduced phytic acid content with hydrothermal treatments on the quality of cookies

Nevcihan Gürsoy

Fungus-mediated synthesis of silver nanoparticles (AgNP) and their activity against Aspergillus spp. in combination with antifungal agent

Sinem Acar

Comparison of phenotypic and genotypic antimicrobial resistance profiles of salmonella isolates from farm/field to fork in Turkey

Filiz Yangilar

Determination of pathogens in food: Biosensor technologies

Yeliz Yıldırım

Antimicrobial susceptibility and serotype distribution of Listeria monocytogenes isolates obtained from raw milk cheese samples sold in Niğde

Ayse Demet Karaman

Geographic indications in traditional local milk products: Aydin case in Turkey

Gülten Ökmen

The antimicrobial activities against food pathogens of Hypericum perforatum L. Flowers and its non-enzymatic antioxidant activity

Gülten Ökmen

The antibacterial activities against mastitis pathogens of Cyclamen mirabile hildebr. tubers and its non-enzymatic antioxidant activities

Ece Bulut

Can we trust PFGE typing to determine Salmonella serotypes?

Filiz Yangılar

Leptin hormone and relationship between obesity

Serhat Al

Economic perspective on Turkish pastrami production and marketing

Didem Peren Aykas

Authentication of potato chip oil using a portable infrared spectrometer combined with pattern recognition analysis

Huseyin Ayvaz

Application of a portable infrared technology (PIRT) for screening sugar and asparagine levels in chipping potatoes

Huseyin Ayvaz

Improving the screening of native Andean potato breeding lines for specific nutritional traits

Nesimi Aktas

Glass transition temperature and viscosity values of several honeys produced in Turkey

Berna Kılınç

Identification of bacteria from frozen seafoods

Berna Kılınç

Comparison of the microbial flora of natural and farmed fish species

Mira Radovanovic

Influence of milk fat and protein levels on composition and microstructure of skin layers in kajmak formation

Sami Gökhan Özkal

Application of ultrasound technology in meat brining

Sami Gökhan Özkal

Effect of ultrasound amplitude on drying kinetics of okra

Sine Özmen Toğay

Molecular identification of yeasts from traditional Turkish cheeses for selection of strains possessing flavour production potential

Huseyin Ayvaz

The use of infrared spectrometers to predict quality parameters of cornmeal and differentiate between organic and conventional varieties

Hayet Ben Haj Koubaier

Dough rheology and cake quality of wheat–lentil flour blends

Izbaim Driss

Evaluation of yogurt fermentation by an ultrasonic technique

Felipe Jadán Piedra

Lysine determination using a lisine oxidase-based biosensor

Sultan Acun

The microbial quality of our traditional taste “Phyllo”

Yeşim Soyer

Antimicrobial resistance profiles of Salmonella spp. obtained from packaged chicken meat products in Ankara, Turkey

Mustafa Germec

Production of ethanol from carob pod extract in a biofilm reactor

Irfan Turhan

Evaluation of some cost effective materials for microbial mannanase production

Irfan Turhan

Tea waste as a carbon source for value-added production

Özge Süfer

An emergent technology for modeling drying: computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

Nihat Telli

Presence of Listeria monocytogenes in production line of pickled white cheese, their serotyping and determining the antibiotic susceptibility

Arife Ezgi Telli

Investigation on the presence and antibiotic susceptibility of Listeria monocytogenes isolated from meat and meat products

Evren Erköse

Microbiological safety of tap and artesian well waters

Meltem Y. Aybakır

Antimicrobial effect of some types of spices

Şebnem Pamuk

Prevalence of Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella spp in bovine origin food

Fatih Ozogul

The inhibition effect of carvacrol on ammonia and biogenic amine production by common food borne pathogens

Esmeray Küley Boğa

The impacts of olive by product on biogenic amine production by bacteria isolated from spoiled fish

Mustafa Durmus

Effect of thymol, eugenol, alpha-terpineol and carvacrol on shelf life of anchovy fillets stored at 3±1 ˚C

Mona Azizi

Optimization of osmo-convective drying of orange slices by response surface methodology

Aghil Nedaei

Aflatoxin M1 contamination in the consumed cow and ewe raw milk in Ardabil City (Northwest of Iran)

Ali Reza Movaffagh

Veterinary drug residues determination in cow and ewe raw milk in Ardabil Region (Northwest of Iran)

Didem Peren Aykas

Characterization and authentication of olive oils by portable infrared spectrometer combined with pattern recognition analysis

Öznur Ö. Taner

Enzyme resistant starch

Arife Ezgi Telli

Pathogenicity of foodborne bacterial pathogens

Hülya Yaman

Optimization of production technology of Keş

Khaleel Jawasreh

Callipyge-Awassi growth and meat characteristics in comparison to the pure Awassi

Yilmaz Ozcan

Pulsed electic field (PEF) applications in dairy technology

Yilmaz Ozcan

The status of nanotechnology as an emerging technology in food science and technology

Işıl Yıldırım

Comparision of total anthocyanin content of hot water

Işıl Yıldırım

Determination of the total antioxidant capacity and total anthocyanin content  of methanol extracts of Gundelia tournefortii (L.) roots

Şeyda Yanardağ Karabulut

The effects of ultrasound treatment on the structural, physical and physicochemical properties of oils

Jurate Kucinskiene

The use of solid state fermentation for plant material processing

Aldona Baltusnikiene

Influence of the addition of Helianthus tuberosus L. fermented with different lactobacilli on acrylamide content in biscuits

Abbas Najafpourkhadem

Determination of adultration in meat kinds used in meat products

Gülten Tiryaki Gündüz

Applications of non-thermal plasma technology for food decontamination

Toibudeen Sanni

Effect of gamma irradiation on mineral, vitamins and cooking properties of sorrel (hibiscus sabdriffa ll) seed

Deniz Yurtsever Sarıca

Determination of 2,3- butanedione  in dairy products by GC-FID - and occurrence of diacetyl in dairy products from Ankara, Turkey markets

Deniz Yurtsever Sarıca

Occurrence of aflatoxin M1 in milk, white cheese and yoghurt from Ankara, Turkey markets

Deniz Yurtsever Sarıca

Determination of nitrite & nitrate species by HPLC-DAD – and occurrence of nitrite nitrate in meat and green leafy vegetables from Ankara, Turkey markets

Demet Apaydın

Physico-chemical properties and health effects  of Momordica charantia L.

Demet Apaydın

Green coffee

Işıl Yıldırım

Determination of antioxidant vitamin levels of fructous jujubae methanol extract MDA againts to MDA

Aysun Yurdunuseven

Triterpenic acid content of commercial scratched table olive

Emine Nur Herken

Β-glucan (beta-glucan) content of some commercial cereal varieties

Abbas Najafpourkhadem

A review on effective regulatory action upon acryl amide in food

Ebru Erdemir

The effect of different nitrite levels on colour values during pastirma production

Emine Çarkcıoğlu

Textural and water binding properties of reduced salt chicken myofibrillar protein gels formulated with guar gum and bean fiber

Sibel Ozcakmak

Inhibition kinetics of ochratoxigenic Penicillium verrucosum using Origanum onites, Salvia officinalis and Mentha piperita essential oils

Şeyma Şişik Oğraş

Identification of volatile compounds of olive oils from different geographic regions

Sibel Ozcakmak

Effect of some essential oils for inhibit of ochratoxin production by Penicillium verrucosum

Bayram Çetin

Enterotoxin properties of Staphylococcus aureus isolated from meat and dairy products from small food manufacturing plants in Trakya Region of Turkey

Azize Atik

Antimicrobial and antibacterial properties of propolis

Helen Agu

Effects of steaming duration and preservatives on storage stability of pearl millet based instant dambu

Esther Eduzor

Effect of citric acid and clove on cured smoked meat (a traditional meat product)

Hassan Gandomi

Combination effect of Trachyspermum ammi and lavandula Officinalis essential oils on some bacterial food-borne pathogens

Nükhet Nilüfer Zorba

Effects of ozone application on microbial load of black pepper

Nükhet Nilüfer Demirel Zorba

Antimicrobial activity of some plant extracts found in Çanakkale

Peter Forgo

Studies on various sugar derivates formed by thermal degradation of different prebiotic carbohydrates

Marietta Korozs

Elaboration of three step lactose conversation process to d-mannitol as novel prebiotic carbohydrate

Julia Haraszti

Comparative extraction studies of various phytosterols

Ümran Cansu

Chicken bone gelatin and its functional properties in comparison with commercial gelatins

Sibel Ozcakmak

Administration of principles and good hygiene prenciples guide for businesses producing materials and articles which are intended to come into contact with foodstuffs

Elif Tugce Aksun

Effect of adding sodium bicarbonate to brine solutions on quality changes of smoked rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss,) during refrigated storage

Elif Tugce Aksun

Packaging material for seafood canning

Merve Bıyıklı

Optimization of different temperature–time combinations on physicochemical and sensory features of sous-vide cooked turkey cutlet samples

Özge Süfer

Food packaging applications using nanotechnology

Emine Nakilcioğlu

The using grape seeds in foods against oxidative deteriorations

Halina Staniek

Evaluation of the content of essential elements and heavy metals in bioactive snacks

Mariam Alimardanova

Research of the developed innovative technology of Kazakh national soft cheese

Celale Kırkın

Effects of gamma-irradiation and modified atmosphere packaging on quality of black pepper and cumin

Ebru Deniz

Quality and safety evaluation by proteomics based approach in meat and meat products

Soheyl Eskandari

Antioxidant and antibacterial effects of petroselinum crispum extract on hypophthalmichthys molitrix fillets during refrigeration

Çiğdem Sezer

The investigation of Enterotoxigenic Staph. aureus in raw milk and milk products

Ewelina Król

The content of essential minerals in novel meat products enriched with potato juice

Figen Tokatlı

Changes in phenolic profile of olive oils with malaxation conditions and olive harvest

Tuğba Cebeci

The effects of microorganisms levels on raw milk quality in lactating dairy ewes

Celenk Molva

Control of Alicyclobacillus acidoterrestris DSM 3922 in apple juice by grape seed extract

Bang Su Jin

Analysis of caffeine in coffee and tea retailed in Korea

Lim Ho Soo

Determination of caffeine in foods by high-performance liquid chromatography

Müge Hendek Ertop

Antioxidant effect of maillard reaction products in foods

Müge Hendek Ertop

Some physicochemical properties of traditionaL Gumushane breads from different region

Müge Hendek Ertop

The effects of processing techniques to pesticide residues in cereals and cereal products

Müge Hendek Ertop

Total phenolic contents of bread types consumed in Turkey

Ashkan Jebelli Javan

Study on combination effect of Trachyspermum ammi and Teucrium polium essential oils on E. coli O157 H7 and Staphylococcus aureus

Harun Uran

Determination of quality characteristics of chicken burgers produced by the addition of transglutaminase

Dilek Özcan

DNA-based molecular characterization of fungi isolated from ‘hurma’ olive

Figen Korel

Proximate composition of cake and sponge cake made from pasteurized and raw eggs

Tuğçe Yurtluk

Comparison of some physical and chemical properties of various tarhana samples

Aybike Kamiloğlu

Fermented sausages: Yeasts as starter culture

Kaiser Mahmood

Cordia polysaccharides: a novel hydrocolloid additive in dough and bread formulation

Figen Korel

Application of artificial neural network for the prediction of olive harvesting time

Bilge Sayın

Aroma formation by mold starter cultures in fermented sausages

Akram Ahmed Abdo-Qasem

Effect of okra gum on pasting and rheological properties of cake batter

Yasemin Çelebi Sezer

Quality attributes of sucuks produced by using isolated lactic acid bacteria

Hantaek Kim

Isolation and characterization of bacteriocin producing lactococci from Kimchi

Hassan Hamedi

Generation of a uracil auxotroph strain of the probiotic yeast Saccharomyces boulardii as a host for the recombinant protein production.

Hassan Hamedi

Chemical composition and antibacterial effect of essential oil from Pulicaria gnaphalodes

Imen Zaghbib

Influence of frozen storage and whitening agents on the whiteness, gel-forming ability and stability of surmii from Tunisian sardine (Sardina pilchardus)

Osman Cavuş

The level of knowledge amongst small and medium enterprises of the quality and safety issues impacting on the re-use of cooking oil

Ebenezer Oluwasola

Production and evaluation of enriched Aadun (a local maize snack)

Spasenija Milanović

The effect of starter culture and functional ingredients on texture, rheology and color of fermented milk products

Spasenija Milanović

Rheological and textural characterization of Kombucha fermented milk products manufacturing by transglutaminase addition

Eva Lončar

Characteristics of Kombucha fermentation on elderberry tea

Snežana Kravić

Study of the volatile components of cheese from Serbian market

Gabriella Zsarnoczay

Famous Hungarian indigenous pig

Zsuzsanna Hovorka- Horváth

Analysis of colour characteristics of paprika powders during storage

Jozsef Csanadi

Weak chains in the quality management of milk products from small ruminants’ milk

H. Ahu Kahraman

The effects of packaging methods and storage period on some physicochemical and microbiological properties of cubed and minced beef meat

Aylin Altan

The effect of processing parameters on morphology of electrospun zein nanofiber

Rita Aboloma

Mycotoxins: A threat to food security- The African story

Andrea Szabó-Nagy

Increased al accumulation in plant tissues caused by environmental pollution

Sirajo Mohammed Funtua

Bacillus species assessment of sorrel calyces sourced from Nigeria (Zchng) and Senegal (Zchsg)

Sirajo Mohammed Funtua

Bacillus species assessment of sorrel drinks produced by steeping and boiling methods

Ceren Akal

Fortification of yoghurt with dried nuts rich in bioactive compounds

Sang-Tae Kim

A survey on pesticide residues of imported agricultural products circulated in Gyeonggi-Do, Republic of Korea

Balunkeswar Nayak

Challenges in the extraction of allergenic proteins from complex food matrices

Sevda Taştemür

Comparison of culture media used in coliform analysis via membrane filtration technique

Natalija Džinić

The effect of modified atmosphere packaging on lipid oxidative changes in traditional fermented sausage (Petrovská klobása)

Balazs P. Szabo

Wheat quality in different countries

Pınar Şanlıbaba

Biogenic amines in wines

Elif Tugce Aksun

the effect of dietary sodium bicarbonate supplementation on chemical quality of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) during frozen storage

Elif Tugce Aksun

Influence of whey protein isolate coating enriched with thyme oil during frozen storage of horse mackerel (Trachurus Trachurus)

Sarka Horackova

Functional properties of intestinal lactobacilli

Joan Ogundele

Effect of gamma irradiation on fatty acid profile of sorrel seeds (Hibscus sabdariffA)

Nazlı Türkmen

Determination of the milk consumption habits of students of Faculty of Agriculture in Ankara University

Turgay Seymen

Research on the utilization possibilities in industry of some native apple cultivar/types

Guiomar Denisse Posada Izquierdo

Transfer of Salmonella during slicing of turkey breast-based products

Guiomar Denisse Posada Izquierdo

Influence of the contamination level on survival of Escherichia coli O157:H7 in soybean seeds

Işıl Var

Isolation and identification of some pathogens in some poultry enterprises running in province of Adana, Turkey

Duygu Yurdakul

Importance of hygienic design for food safety

Jovanka Laličić-Petronijević

Sensory properties of dark chocolates wıth different cocoa parts content

S. Saner

Protection of consumers by microbial risk mitigation through combating segregation of expertise – promise project

C. Dadalı 

Antioxidant activity and phenolic compounds of coffee

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