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Association of Food Technology in TURKEY; Brief History

1973, July 08

Establishment of the Association.

1976; January

The journal of FOOD started its publication life.

1978; April 25-27

1st Food Congress of Turkey, Ankara

1980; April 15-17

2nd Food Congress of Turkey, Ankara

1982; April 14-16

3rd Food Congress of Turkey, Ankara

1984; April 17-19

4th Food Congress of Turkey, Ankara

1986; April 16-18

5th Food Congress of Turkey, Ankara

1988; October 18-20

6th Food Congress of Turkey, Ankara


FOOD started to be scanned on the database of CAB Abstracts.

1993; January

It was shifted from letterpress printing to offset.


FOOD started to be scanned on the database of ULAKBİM.

2002; May 22-24

7th Food Congress of Turkey, Ankara

2004; May 26-28

7th Food Congress of Turkey, Bursa

2004; July

The association’s website was opened.

2004; August

Articles submitted to the journal started to be followed by the authors on the electronic environment.

2006; May 24-26

9th Food Congress of Turkey, Bolu


FOOD started scanning by the database of Index Copernicus

2008; May 21-23

10th Food Congress of Turkey, Erzurum

2008; July 25

The decree to hold an international congress was made.

2009; January

New era in the Journal of FOOD. The journal started to be scattered to all relevant institutions and persons for free with the support of Danone Tikveşli Inc.

2009; January

FOOD started to be scanned on the database of EBSCO.

2010; November 03-06

1st International Congress on Food Technology, Antalya

2011; January

Subscription application for the journal. It still continues to send the journal to the relevant public institutions, department libraries of the universities and food industry for free.

2011; March

The journal of FOOD was included in the database by DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals).

2011; May

The Association Regulation was updated unanimously by the participants in the Ordinary General Assembly. Please click here for the New Regulation of the Association of Food Technology. It was also accepted to change the name of the Association as [The Association of Food Technology-Turkey] unanimously by the participant members.

2012; October 10-12

11th Food Congress of Turkey, Hatay

2013; May

DOI numbers were to the articles published in Journal of FOOD.

2013; July 08

The Association of Food Technology celebrated its 40th anniversary.

2014; February

The journal of FOOD was announced the open archive policy

2014; November 05-07

2nd International Congress on Food Technology, Kuşadası

2014; November

The Journal of FOOD was also indexed in the database by FAO Agris

2016; October 05-07

12th Food Congress of Turkey, Edirne

2016; December

The last paper-printed issue of the Journal of FOOD. We continue to print the journal in only electronic form (online journal).

2017; January

The Journal of FOOD was also indexed in the databases by TÜBİTAK ULAKBİM TR Dizin, CrossRef, DergiPark Akademik, EBSCO Host, DOAJ, CiteFactor, Infobase Index, SciLit, Journal Index, BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine), OCLS WorldCat, FAO Agris, CAB Abstracts, DIIF, Journal Factor, COSMOS, Scholarsteer, JIFACTOR, Research Impact Factor, Index Copernicus, Scientific World Index (Sciwindex), Scientific Indexing Services (SIS), CABI (CAB Direct), Academic Resource Index, IIJIF, Food Science and Technology Abstracts (FSTA) and Google Scholar.

2017; February

New version of the "authors for instructions". The arrangement of API in the section of references, and the citation of any reference in the text. The articles are uploaded at TÜBİTAK ULAKBİM TR Dizin (http://dergipark.gov.tr/gida).

2018; December

Page number of volume 43 was exceeded 1000 (1115)

2019; December

Page number of volume 44 was exceeded 1000 (1252)

2020; January

The Journal of FOOD articles are published with ORCID number

2020; September 21-23

13th Food Congress of Turkey, Çanakkale (on-line)

2020; December

Page number of volume 45 was exceeded 1000 (1271)

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